Mousses Etoiles

Mousses Etoiles , Le luxe mérite l’exception...
Since 1992, Mousses Etoiles has been fitting out private beaches, terraces and poolsides for hotel and restaurant professionals all over the world.
With our own manufacture of professional sunshades, sunbeds and made to measure mattresses and cushions, we design spaces where your customers can relax and enjoy all the comfort they deserve.
Our products are 100% French and quality is at the heart of our teams' concerns. Our products are resistant to external elements such as water, humidity, UV light, corrosion, high winds...

Conceive your complete layout project and trust a specialist in the manufacture of beach mattresses, parasols, cushions and other sunbeds that can withstand anything!

Discover Mousses Etoiles

Made in France

The production of our products is centralized in our workshop in Barbentane (13) in the south of France: assembling sunshades, making sun beds frames, sewing and making up fabrics, mattresses, cushions ...

5-year guarantee

All our products are guaranteed for 5 years.
How is this possible? High quality raw materials chosen with care; safe and well studied designs; permanent quality controls ...

Purchase or Lease Financing

We offer you different ways to acquire your equipment: purchase or rental financing which allows you, at the end of your contract, to be the owner of the equipment you rent.
The difference with usual renting solution? The equipment we propose you is made for you and in your image.

Exclusive project

We assist you in all your outdoor design projects.
The bonus with Mousses Etoiles is that we reserve the EXCLUSIVITY on the choice of the colour mix and customisation of all your products.

No establishment in your geographical area will be able to reproduce the same layout as yours...

Since 1992

Since 1992, three generations have succeeded each other in the family business and work hand in hand.
We are constantly innovating, creating and offering you new solutions.
Our objective is always the same: to simplify the daily life of professionals!

Made in France

Why Mousses Etoiles?

Quality - Support - Financing

Our job since 1992 is to accompany you in your projects of outdoor layouts but above all to advise you. Effectively with Mousses Etoiles you are sure to acquire 100% French, quality and durable products. But we know that you still ask yourself a lot of questions: What size of parasols should you choose? What type of mattress is the most suitable for your use? Which thickness to choose for your seat cushions?
That's why we accompany you and advise you from the beginning to the end of the project, with the choice of products, sizes, materials, colours, etc. We put our expertise at your service by coming to your facility and studying your needs with great care to provide you made-to-measure solutions.
We will adapt our offer according to the space to be fitted out, the weather conditions (wind, seaside, etc.), your desires, your clientele, and your budget (rental financing solution possible).
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about a product, a project, or financing solutions.

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To sum up, we usually say that luxury deserves the exception ...

Our achievements Fabrication sur mesure

Among the professionals of the HORECA sector, many international references have trusted

Mousses Etoiles and consulted us to design their private beaches, poolsides or restaurant terraces. Here are some of these realizations made in France !